Banking Method: Citadel Banking

Citadel Commerce offers the product Instant Banking, which is an electronic money transfer service. This service connects users’ banks to merchants and service providers, including online casinos, all over the world. Users are connected through to their own online bank accounts in order to pay for goods or make deposits into online gaming accounts. They do not need to use credit or debit cards, and don’t need to have a new username and password, or enter any of their personal information into the casino applications. Transfer of funds is done immediately and using the most up to date encryption and security systems. It is therefore fast, safe and anonymous.

Citadel Instant Banking is a form of e-wallet that can be used as a secure method to deposit and withdraw funds with online casinos. By offering very fast payments with high security, Citadel banking is used all around the globe by happy punters alike, making it one of the most renowned banking methods.

First of all, setting up an account is completely free, meaning that you are not stuck with nasty fees. Second of all, Citadel banking encrypts every transaction that is made from the user’s side, meaning that you will not be at risk of having your personal details fall into the wrong hands. This allows for safe and easy deposits and withdrawals at any online casino that has Citadel Banking available. To sweeten the deal even further, Citadel banking also offers a handy mobile application with allows you to make transactions wherever, whenever. Simply hook up your bank account to your Citadel banking account and you’re good to go, all at the cost of no fees. However, it should be noted that if you wish to withdraw any winnings you have made at the casino, might take a couple if business days as it will be deposited back into your bank account.

Here at Casino Tops Online we want to make life easier for our players, so we have compiled a list of top notch online casinos which allow you to pay and withdraw with Citadel Banking.




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