Banking Method: Courier Cheques

The courier cheque payment method is a method by which one sends a cheque payment via a courier company from your premise directly to the premises of your intended recipient.

Perhaps slightly outdated when compared to modern banking methods like Ozan and PayPal, but the cheque never really seems to go out of style. This is why certain online casinos still offer the method of cashing in your withdrawals through cheque. The availability is steadily decreasing though, since it will take players a long time before they can see their casino winnings appear on their account. Perhaps one of the most noteworthy casinos that still accepts this good old-fashioned payment method is Ignition casino, who still displays a handy guide on how to receive your winnings via this method.

Take note that there will be some fees imposed on having the cheque delivered, depending on your bank and the online casino. For UK based players, this service is free. Some casinos will allow for a free of charge cheque being send out every 90 days, making it a nice little gift for the player.

Depends on your country and bank

5 to 7 days

5 to 7 days

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