Banking Method: UseMyFunds

UseMyFunds is a payment method for online casinos that originated in Canada but is now available worldwide. You can choose UseMyFunds to make payments to gaming companies without disclosing your bank details to the online casino. Before you decide to use UseMyFunds, you should first make sure that your bank also works with UseMyFunds. This can easily be done via the UseMyFunds website.

UseMyFunds simply works through your bank account and is particularly suitable for all those players who do not have a credit card, do not want to pay with their credit card for gambling activities or do not have sufficient credit limit on their credit card. UseMyFunds allows you to conveniently debit the amounts you wish to play with at the online casino from your bank account.

Another advantage of UseMyFunds is that you do not transfer your payment information directly to the online casino, as there is always an independent third party in the form of UseMyFunds involved. UseMyFunds will also appear on your bank statement in debits, which may save you from some potentially embarrassing questions from bank staff when you seek credit or a mortgage.

The great thing is that via financial services like UseMyFunds you are also able to process payments exclusively to online casinos. So you never lose track and always know how much money you’re spending on your online casino enjoyment, as all transactions made through UseMyFunds could act as deposits into the online casino, even if you’re playing at multiple different casinos. The only thing you have to ensure is that the respective online casinos do in fact all accept UseMyFunds and that you only use UseMyFunds for online gambling related deposits.

Here is a list of the best online casinos that offer UseMyFunds as a payment service provider. At you will only find secure and reputable online casinos. So you can choose an online casino with a clear conscience and start playing in minutes.

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